As independent solar consultants Australian Solar Power Consultants can recommend panels produced by just about any company.

However we have made a policy decision to only use panels manufactured by Tier1 Companies.

We would never claim the panels we use and recommend are the best. Many panels will operate differently under different climactic conditions, so tests carried out in Europe, for example, would not necessarily produce the same results in Australia. Some panels it is claimed produce say, 20% more electricity than others, but if such panels cost 50% more, they would want to!

We never budge from our policy of only using panels from  Tier 1 manufacturers.

We don’t just consider the physical specifications of products.

But while the quality of the panel and the financial standing and the quality assurance of the manufacturers are factors we consider there are other factors we also consider. We will not buy panels from manufacturers whose  major shareholders are governments with questionable human rights records. There is one company who manufactures a great panel, but another part of the company is the world’s largest manufacturer of land mines. As a matter of principal we will not use panels made by manufacturers of munitions and armaments.

Canadian Solar's new Quartech modules have raised the module efficiency to a new standard in the solar industry. It introduced innovative four busbar cell technology which demonstrated higher power output and higher system reliability. Our worldwide customers have embraced this next generation modules for their excellent performance, superior reliability and enhanced value.

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Photovoltaic projects rely on high quality products that stand the test of time for project inputs ranging from engineering design to project financing and more. Relative to industry peers, Trina products have a strong track record of reliability and performance in the field. As a vertically integrated company, Trina tightly controls quality at every step from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field. Ultimately Trina quality is guaranteed by a 25-year industry leading warranty.

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JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a global leader in the solar industry. The Company distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and other countries and regions.

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Hareon Solar advocates and is committed to the development of green clean renewable energy. As one of China’s largest crystalline silicon solar cell and component manufacturers, it provides vertically integrated solar photovoltaic production and services worldwide. The company specialises in the high-end research and development, production and sales of silicon rods, wafers, cells and components, as well as the investment and operations of solar power plants. Being no2 on the Photon test for its class, Hareon modules have proven to achieve the high performance standard demanded and expected within the solar industry. With innovations such as 4 busbar, 3 junction box designed modules as well as integrated Hareon TrueAC modules, Hareon has the right product to achieve maximum yield.

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ABB solar inverters utilize over 40 years of experience and advances made in inverter and power converter technology that have contributed to ABB becoming the world leader in frequency converters, and also one of the largest suppliers of wind turbine converters.
When it is time for you to specify a solar inverter for your PV project, ABB, as one of the world’s leading power and automation technology companies, has very strong credentials to fulfill your requirements for years to come. This trust should help you to comfortably conclude that ABB is a truly bankable choice in solar inverters.

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Those who choose a PV plant are relying on long-term yields. This not only requires a durable solar inverter with maximum efficiency levels, but also a reliable, flexible and competent service partner to provide advice and consultation.

SMA offers both leading technology and professional service from a single source. Regardless of whether you choose a Sunny Boy, Sunny Island or Sunny Central inverter, our flexible services are tailored to meet your individual requirements – worldwide.

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