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Australian Solar Power Consultants has become a Preferred Partner with Bowls Queensland. This partnership is expected to be beneficial to Bowls Clubs as well as individual members of Bowls Clubs. These benefits can cover areas such as funding of solar systems, sponsorship of tournaments and promotion of Bowls Clubs in regional areas. For more information on these aspects please use the Registration of Interest facility.

The Benefits for Bowls Clubs

By their nature Bowls Clubs can make greater use of Solar generated power than most householders and many businesses. Our experience with Bowls Clubs shows that many of them will use the solar power produced on almost every day of the year. Even on the few days that the club is not open there is substantial power use, with refrigeration and cold rooms using substantial amounts of power.

A well designed solar system can mean that a club will use most, if not all, of the solar power produced and thereby make great savings on electricity costs. Savings can also be enjoyed through the use of energy efficient lighting. This can usually at least halve the lighting portion of electricity costs. We can package a service whereby we install a solar system and change over lighting

Funding of Solar Systems for Bowls Clubs

Australian Solar Power Consultants is in the financial position to provide funds to install a solar system with a range of payment options. These can include using the GST refund as a deposit and deferred start payment options etc. We can be extremely flexible with payment terms and the interest rate charged is below commercial rates. There is naturally a limit to the amount of systems which can be funded on this basis each year, so we fund systems on a first come first served basis.

Our aim wherever possible, is to provide a system that saves more than the repayments, so that it is cash flow positive from commencement. For example if the payments on a system are say $5,000.00 pa we will endeavour to structure a solar system that saves the club more than $5,000,00 pa in electricity costs.

We have developed very sophisticated software which illustrates the potential savings and payments and cash flow.

We have joint funding arrangements with other financiers and can fund solar systems and other energy saving devices up to very considerable amounts .


Australian Solar Power Consultants are committed to an ongoing sponsorship program where clubs and/or members install solar systems. This involves sponsorship of Tournaments when Clubs and or members purchase solar systems

A large club could conceivably have Tournaments sponsored on an on-going basis. Even where a club already has a system installed they can participate in the sponsorship programme through members installing a system.

More information will be made available when you Register your Clubs interest.

Regional Club Promotion

ASPC are prepared to promote your bowls club in your own regional area.

For more information use the Registration of Interest facility.

Quality Components

We aim to provide quality systems at a realistic price.

Australian Solar Power Consultants use only panels manufactured by Tier 1 companies and quality European made inverters with long warranties, eg 5-10 years. You can read more about Tier 1 Companies here. All our installers are qualified and accredited by the Clean Energy Council and the relevant authorities, and provide a 5 year warranty on their installation work.

Rebates Reduce the Cost of Solar Systems.

The Federal Government administers rebates which reduce the installation costs of systems For example, at the present time the rebate on a 30kW system is worth around $24,000 while the rebate on a 10kw system is worth around $8,000. This is currently under review and for this reason clubs should not delay in applying to install a system.

A big factor in the rebate is the Renewable Energy Target. The Federal Government wants to reduce the Renewable Energy Target and this will in turn affect the availability and the amount of the rebates. For this reason clubs should not delay in installing a solar system.

Feed In Tariffs

There is currently no feed in tariff paid by the Qld State Government. Certain electricity retailers provide a feed in tariff for power production that is not utilised by the consumer and fed into the grid. In areas serviced by Ergon there is a feed n tariff available in regard to systems up to 5kW in size.

In the south east corner of Queensland Energex approval must be obtained before installing a solar system. This can take up to 65 business days for systems with inverters over 5kW. We therefore recommend that all clubs apply for installation of a solar system as soon as possible. We can do this for clubs and there is no cost or obligation to proceed with installing a system. However a club cannot determine what size system they can install until such approval is given. In other areas Ergon or Powerlink is responsible for this role.

Other areas of Power Saving

Solar generated power is limited to saving on electricity costs during daylight hours. As part of our service we provide advice on power management and, Energy Efficient Lighting 

Larger Clubs may have Contestable Accounts and are paying a Demand Charge. We can make recommendations on ways that you may be able to reduce your Demand Charge. This may include switching to energy efficient lighting, installing Power Factor Correction and/or Voltage Optimisation equipment.

From July 2015 Energex will be basing Demand Charges on kVA basis rather than the current kW basis. For many clubs this will mean and increase in the Demand Charge. The lower your Power Factor the more it will cost. Increasing your Power Factor will help reduce your Demand Charge. You can read more about the Energex Demand Charge changes here

When we visit a club with high lighting costs, especially clubs which have night time activities we can bring a lighting efficiency expert to conduct a lighting energy audit.

Executives of clubs or Committee Members can use the Registration of Interest facility to obtain more information and to have someone contact you regarding your area of interest.