About Australian Solar Power Consultants

Australian Solar Power is a Family Company, and we are proud of the fact! We donít claim to be the biggest. Itís amazing just how many companies claim to be ďthe biggest in AustraliaĒ! We donít claim to be the best. How can anyone prove that? But we do claim that we give good old fashioned service and that we will provide you with a premium quality solar power system at a price for which many Companies are selling cheaper and inferior systems. We provide the professionalism you might expect from a large company with the service you expect from a small company

Australian Solar Power Consultants has now been operating for five years. We are not the oldest Solar Systems retailer around, but we are certainly not the youngest. And we have seen a lot of Companies come and go. Many companies are closing down while we continue to go from strength to strength.

Our Business Model has served us well, no fancy offices and no fancy overheads. For most of the past five years we have worked on a Just in Time basis, buying stock as orders came in. However we recognised the Australian Dollar was plummeting so we purchased a large amount of stock. In addition as a couple of large companies in the industry closed down we were able to buy some top quality stock at greatly reduced prices.

Why have we been so successful

We have given good value for money coupled with good service, but donít take our word for it read some of our genuine testimonials. One of the principles we have refused to budge from is that we have never sold budget priced systems, and we never will. When prospective customers have wanted a cheap system using cheap components we have simply walked away from the sale. We are committed to using only premium solar panels manufactured by Tier 1 companies. These manufacturers are rated as Tier1 because of various factors you can read more about in the products section.

Similarly we have refused to use cheap inverters and we have persisted with the top European manufactured brands, even though is n some case they cost almost twice as much as the cheaper ones. Thatís why we canít sell our solar systems at budget prices. The same principal also applies to the smaller components of solar systems. One can buy Cheap Isolation switches and take the risk, or quality switches made by companies of long standing in the electoral industry, who have the resources to back their products.

You need to know warranties will be honoured in the future

Just as the number of companies selling solar power systems mushroomed a few years ago, so to have manufacturers sprung up like mushrooms, particularly in Asia. Some make great products and some not so great. How does the ordinary consumer know which is which? Some of these companies will last and some will not.

Many of the companies who make solar panels for instance, purchase components from other manufacturers. It is a small

matter for many of them to close down when things get tough. So what will be the use manufacturerís warranties, if, or perhaps

we should say, when this happens?

When you chose Australian Solar Power Consultants to supply your solar power system you have the security of knowing we use only the finest components, sourced from reliable and experienced Tier 1 manufacturers.

Accredited Installer

Our installers are fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council. They are licenced and experienced electricians who meet all the requirements necessary to install solar power systems, and guarantee their workman ship for five years.

What happens when you purchase from Australian Solar Power Consultants?

When you purchase a solar power system from Australian Solar Power Consultants you will have the assurance that you have purchased a premium system for a low price. Your system will be installed by fully accredited and licensed installers.

Most importantly you will not only have our contact details if you need service, you will have the contact details for the Australian supplier of every major component. This supplier must by Australian law back up the warranty on the components. Furthermore we will supply you with the contact details of all the manufacturers of the major components. Many, if not most bigger companies cannot do this, for the simple reason, that in the effort chaser better deals, not necessarily better products they are often importing from different sources. We know of companies that are constantly changing the brands they use in pursuit of better prices and higher profit margins.

In addition you will have the serial nos of all panels and the inverter, which you will need in the event of a warranty claim

You canít have better peace of mind than that!